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Dave OtisLou Brock was a true gentleman. I remember seeing him in his Bearcat around the Stadium. I was on recruiting duty in St.Louis in mid-70's and the NAVY Sea-Cadets had the honor guard for the Cardinals home games. He was so gracious and never turned down any Cadet who asked him to autograph a ball. The Baseball world has lost a true gentleman, a great ball player and a most wonderful human being!!!He was one of the All Time Greats. RIP Lou. I will forever remember your contributions to baseball including your MLB record of 118 stolen bases in 1974 and your 3,000 plus hits.Susan Andre GaidoAs a young child I grew up in the sports world and living in so many different cities. St. Louis. Kansas City. Chicago. My fondest memories were when I was 5 and 6 going to the Cardinal games. I always wore #20 on my back. Plus carrying a Lou Brock bobble head to each game. Lol. Oh!!And the popcorn holder that turned into a megaphone for the 7th inning stretch. Great times. Amazing memories.RIP Lou Brock. Please say hello to my mom up in heaven. She was a big fan as well!!One of the best ever to play the game. Anybody who has ever followed baseball knows this man and his accomplishments Penny Pearson QuigleyWas a friend of my husband and myself for many years. Such a great man . We had so much fun in New York and Chicago . He always took us to the best restaurants . He will be missed.Prayers to the family! One of my favorites growing up. Rest In Peace Sir and thankful for all the wonderful memories!Once behind his SUV. License plate HOF 20. Took me a mile on Olive blvd to figure it out.Met Lou a couple of times at baseball card convention Great Man ! Fun to talk with He was always there with Bob Gibson. Stan the Man was there a couple times with them also.Kristy Bonner Death - Dead :  Kristy Bonner  Obituary : Cause of Death Suicide.Is the Creator of Naruto Dead - Masashi Kishimoto Death Story is a Hoax, See What Happened.Is Phora Dead - No Rapper Phora Death Story is a Hoax, See What Happened.Did Ti and Tiny Daughter DiedIs Sacha Baron Cohen Dead - Sacha Baron Cohen Death is a Story Hoax - King Julien Voice Actor is not Dead.Nick Sabo Death - Dead :  Nick Sabo Obituary : Cleveland Police Officer Commits Suicide.Death-Dead  / Obituary : Sandra Rojo of San Diego may have passed away.Slow Pain Death - Dead - Obituary : Beloved West Coast Rapper has Died.Ryan Bannon Death-Dead  / Obituary : Ryan Bannon may have passed away.Is Morgan Freeman Dead? No Morgan Freeman Death Story is a Hoax.Mark Mcmahon Death-Dead  / Obituary : Mark Mcmahon may have died by suicide.Matt McCoy Death - Dead :  Matt McCoy Obituary : Cause of Death UnknownIs Derek Chauvin Dead ? 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