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I complied with the instructions and also this time I have great cabbage rolls. I have been so intimidated by the dishes I have seen for cabbage rolls in the past... These are SO simple as well as totally scrumptious. The video is very clear and make it totally straightforward what the procedure is.It never appears to cook right otherwise. This is without a doubt the best cabbage roll recipe, this is my 2nd time making them and the entire family enjoys them!!! I have a 12yr old & 6yr old, and also they usually ask when i will making them. I enjoy that they are not saucy, its the perfect mix of whatever.Any type of possibility you can do a dish Mom called "Lazy Golabki"? ( Raw cabbage is cut into pieces, length-wise; meat rolls are not covered)? Ideal Golabki is made with rock-hard organic cabbage. USZKA REGULATIONS; tortellini delays, but has hopes ... Here comes Fat Tuesday. Hi Delores, I check out the comment you left on the Cabbage Rolls as well as was questioning if you would certainly share your dish.Yet that is after messing up 2 heads of cabbage. After inspecting my very own dish, I saw that the cabbage is meant to simmer for 2-4 mins, NOT 10. Cabbage mush does not make for great rolls. My background is Russian Ukrainian and I have actually been making cabbage rolls for over 40 years. In my point of view, CHEF THE RICE before adding it to the meat mixture.Thanks Jenny for de-mystifying a food I have actually always suched as however was assuming was actually hard! Anyhow, I was looking for a cabbage rolls dish and also was puzzled at the reducing the vein on the cabbage because I had never made them and was so young when my mom made them ... it wasn't clear up until I discovered your video clip. So to begin with, thanks a lot for uploading the video! After watching, I believed 'I can do this!So off to the market for cabbage as well as meat. Due to the fact that I was inspired by your video, I made cabbage rolls today for the very first time. I'm vegan and also intend to substitute the ground meat in the cabbage rolls recipe with Gardein meatless ground. Polish Mom (R.I.P. at age 93) re-hydrated raisins with vodka or red wine & put them in stewed or crushed tomatoes, to lower the tomatoes' level of acidity.My mama additionally made it totally different but Jenny's is the actual production which has actually been modified by numerous ethnic groups. Our household is not keen on ground beef and also consume beef very seldom so mother's recipe was made with poultry. Jenny, your recipes are delicious; this set reminded me of my mama's homemade Cabbage Rolls, of which we might not get sufficient. After that, she packed the cabbage with all the goodies and prepared them covered and also slow on the pan with the sauce covering the cabbages.I did find out exactly how to far better prepare the cabbage from you so I thank you for that and also all your recipes are healthier options! When I desire to prepare some thing I go to your web page as well as follow your recipe if it is there, these cabbage rolls are scrumptious ... Now. Expecting you cabbage rolls though Jenny. I anticipate that the cabbage rolls will be scrumptious tomorrow. Traveling abroad

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