1. Create a FREE Account

Click SIGN UP. A page gets opened. Input your credentials like Name, Password, Email, Mobile, etc. Passout Captcha. Then click Create button. You will see a notification bar on your screen. Follow that instructions, which asks you to login to your email account provided here & click verify the link sent in the auto email. Thats it. Your account is created and activated for use on This is just an one time procedure.


2. Login

Click SIGN IN. Input your email address and password. Click Log in button. You get logged into your account. Go to MY ACCOUNT and use it to view/manage your Ads, Banners, etc.

Note: You can Log in with your social network accounts username and password too (Google, Facebook, etc). This option is available on both SIGN IN & SIGN UP pages at bottom. 


3. Publish a FREE Classified Ad

Log into your account. Click the button "PUBLISH YOUR AD". Fill all the required credentials data. Click Submit button. You will see a notification bar above with instructions. Thats it ! A Moderator/Admin at will review your ad and activate it. Once activated, you will see your ad on the pages and search results.

टीप :- आपण मराठी अक्षरात टाईप करून सुद्धा आपली छोटी जाहिरात सहज देऊ शकता. पण इंटरनेट अथवा ईथर ठिकाणी मराठी मध्ये search कोणी फारसे करणार नाही. त्यामूळे आपली छोटी जाहिरात SolapurAds .com वर search केल्या नंतर क्वचित दिसण्याची शक्यता होऊ शकते.


4. PAID services (Optional)


Ad shown with high priority and on top of free ads in that particular category. This service gets your ad much more attention & views and is displayed wherever on website with atmost priority. The duration of the service is in days. Login to your account to buy this service. 


This option allows to attract the visitors attention on you ads. Background of your ad becomes highlighted. The duration of the service is in days. Login to your account  to buy this service. 

Move Top

This function moves your ad once on the top of the your ad category and in the main page too. Login to your account to buy this service. 

Pack 3-in-1

Attract as many visitors as possible to your ad. This option includes: Premium status, Highlighting the ad & automatically moving your ad in the Top Every Day! The duration of the service is in days. Login to your account to buy this service. Its the ultimatel service product, as it has all the features combined of Premium+Highligt+Move Top. 


Its a custom banner displayed on the main page of the website. You pay only for Views and Clicks the banner gets. It works just like Google Adsense. Login to your account to buy this service. The duration of this service is till the buyed credits get over from views & clicks. 


Its a custom banner in a Slider which is displayed on Search Page / Catogeries Page / Item Page of the website. You pay once yearly for displaying your banner here. To buy this service contact us. Recomended for Big Business and Brands.


5. How To

Search Ads

On the Search Bar, input the keyword of what Ad you need to see. Click Search Icon button. You will see all the ads with those keyword. Also on that search page at bottom you will see Related Ads in carousel.

Note: To be precise in your search you may select a Catogery and then input the search keyword. 

Contact the Ad Publisher

Go to the desired ads item page. You can see 3 ways to contact the ads publisher as follows :

On the profile block you can get contact number.

Below contact number on same block click WRITE button. A form gets opened. Fill the form with all details and send your query.

Below Description click the button "Send Message". Fill the required data and send your query message. If the user is online, you both can have a live chat. This chat log records can be found in your account messages. This is an in built messaging system of (More info get here below)

Chat & Message

This is an in built messaging system of To use it Log in to your account. Go to Account and click Message menu OR you can see/find Message Icon at right-bottom on your screen, when you are logged in.


More Details - Coming Soon


Need some more info/query ?

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